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Positive Self Defense - PSD

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In a perfect world, women and men wouldn't need self-defense because people wouldn't perpetuate bad things and there would be no crime — but the world is far from perfect.


The Positive Self Defense programs are books, and the various programs are a self-defense system that addresses the most common threats against people.  Plus those outside of the physical crossing over the mental and social areas.


In our books and programs, we take a holistic approach to providing solutions.  In our keynotes, tips, and workouts, we work to customized our message to meet and exceed the client's needs and environment.  We know there is no one-size-fits-all. 

We have taken PSD and used it on multiple levels and areas of human experience and various professional and personal development areas.  So our programs and books cover the mind, body, and spirit.  PSD covers life, business, communications, networking, procrastination, self-management, professionalism, ethics, and other areas.


We address them in positive and holistic ways.  


In addition to leverage-based physical techniques, women and men are taught to use the "psychology of an assault" to set boundaries, assess intentions and deter attacks before they happen!  Our goal is to inspire people everywhere!

To become whom they are put on this earth to be and reach their true purpose.

Personal hands on instruction available upon request

Group instruction 

One to one instruction

Author's PSD Books

1. Positive Self Defense for Women

2. Positive Self Defense for Men

3. Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders

4. Positive Self Defense for Entrepreneur - Not what you think

5. Positive Self Defense for Realtors

Mr. Bennett has also been featured in several publications, and on other media like:


  • Safety Magazine  -

  • Authority Magazine

  • Reader's Digest

  • Action Martial Arts Magazine

  • Bliss Magazine

  • FOX 5 News

  • Channel 9 News

  • Channel 7 News

  • Health Digest

  • Library of Congress Gazette 

  • Thrive Globe Magazine

  • Franciscan Mission Service Newsletter

  • Combat Jujutsu The Official Textbook Of Miyama Ryu

  • Advance Combat Jujutsu The Official Textbook Of Miyama Ryu

  • Secrets Of Black Belt Combat Jujutsu The Official Textbook Of Miyama Ryu

  • Star Central Magazine

  • Medium Magazine

  • Etc..

In October 2021, Mr. Bennett was a speaker and presenter at TEDx in Northern Virginia.

In December 2021, Mr. Bennett was the Key Note Speaker for the U.S. Army at Fort Meade, in Maryland.

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